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 • Pixel Area Ads 1 Php Script - create pixel area ads and implement them to your web site - pixel area ads can be of any size you want!

Pixel Area Ads 1 Php Script - create pixel area ads and implement them to your web site - pixel area ads can be of any size you want!
• One Domain License: $28
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• Two Domains License: $50
• Three Domains License: $71
• Resell Rights License: $150
• Master Resell License: $240
• Open Code License: $300
Short Script Description
• The pixel area ads php script is an unique and new advertising solution php script. Based on popular Milliondollarshomepage script, but with one big difference! You will not have 1000x1000 pixels area for advertising and you will not run one site that will be dedicated only to your million pixels script! With our Pixel area ads php script you can create as many pixel areas as you want! Every pixel area can be of a different size, placed on different pages on your web site, with completely different ads in each pixel area! Yes, you can easily set up custom sized 100x400 pixels area and you can easily show it on your home page! You will save space on your home page!
Demo Script And Script Info
• Demo Script - Links Opens In New Window!
   *MEMBER - login: test11 , pass: test11@yourwebsite.net
   *ADMIN - login: admin , pass: admin
• Requirements:
   *PHP4+, MySQL 3+, Zlib module, cURL module, GD module, register_globals on
• Script Is Tested And Works With:
   *Linux/Apache servers; PHP 4 environment; Internet Explorer 6+, Safari 3+ and Firefox 1.5.0.+ browsers
• Important!
   *Some buttons are disabled in demo to avoid script abuse. Screenshots may be slightly different from the current script version.
Script Screenshots - Click Thumbnails For Big Picture
Usage Example
pixel area ads 1 php script
Member Area Home
pixel area ads 1 php script
Admin Area Home
pixel area ads 1 php script
Script Features
• Pixel area ads is an unique advertising solution php script recently developed by qualified php programmers exclusive for us! With our script you can have unlimited number of pixel areas thru out your entire web site. Each pixel area can have different size (in 10 pixels steps of course - 10 pixels = 1 block), can be placed anywhere you like by inserting just 3 lines on code and have completely its own set of ads. You can very easy set up expiration date for each and every pixel area ad, and this date can be edited any time you want! All pixel areas sizes can be changed "on-the-fly" and this way can be tailored to suit your current site needs. This is extremely poweful php script that can generate you huge stream of income and at the same time will save space on your web site. Imagine how many customers with pixel ads you can put in standard 468x60 pixels banner dimension! Yes, up to 276 customers! And now charge each of this 276 customers only $2 per month for 10x10 pixels ad - this makes you a huge $552 per month! If you have web site that receives decent amount of traffic and have good Google Page Rank you can easily charge more and multiply this income! Using this script if easy as it can be - when customer arrives to your site and spot pixel area, if he click on pixel ad in it - he will be redirected to site which is advertised thru this ad; if he click on empty space where pixel area grid is shown, he will be redirected to "Purchase pixel area ad" screen. Simple and fast! Script also have ability to automatically remove every pixel ad which is expired!
• Buy pixels from 10x10 pixels in 10 pixels steps at once (1 block steps and one block is 10x10 pixels)
• Automatic data capturing: customer click on empty space where he wants his ad to be shown, his position is automatically entered in purchase screen
• Unlimited number of pixel areas in one script
• Easy pixel area ads implementation with only 3 lines of code
• Pixel area ads can be implemented on htm, html, shtml, dhtml and php pages
• Shopping cart system supporting PayPal, 2CheckOut and wire transfer
• Orders can be automatically fulfilled using PayPal's IPN and 2CheckOut IPN systems
• Script support gif, jpg, jpe, jpeg, bmp and png image files
• Members area with detailed informations about each pixel ad
• Tell a friend + Newsletter subscribe/unsubscribe functions integrated
• FAQ and News areas integrated
• Script automatically stop showing expired pixel ads and place them to Expired/Inactive state
• Password protected admin section
• Admin can edit admin email, username and password
• Admin can edit script settings like number of pixel areas, pixel areas size, payment gateways info, cost per block setting, general script settings etc...
• Admin can change size of each pixel area at any time and without limitation
• Admin can set expiration date for each pixel ad at any time, unlimited number of times and any value between 0 and 999 days
• Admin can easy set each ad to Expired/Inactive status by entering 0 in "Days" field in admin area
• Admin can send notification to each customer which ad expired
• Admin can add/edit/delete clients
• Admin can add/delete pixel ads
• Admin can activate/deactivate pixel ads
• Admin can manage subscribed and unsubscribed newsletter members
• Admin can track tell-a-friend usage
• Admin can add/edit/delete new links in links bar
• Admin can send mass emails to newsletter members or customers or both
Important - Please Read This Before Ordering!
• Single license php script requires unlock key to be permanently usable. Cgi script do not require unlock key. Single license php or cgi script can be installed on one domain!
• All protected scripts have one part of admin area encrypted for fraud protection and unathorized reselling purposes.
• After the purchase, you will be redirected to the form where you Have To enter the domain name where the script will be installed, please prepare domain name.
• All php scripts are available for immidiate download, all other items and unlock key: within 24 hours from the unlock request or payment verification time.
• Payment verification time: PayPal: 4 to 72 hours; PayPal eCheck: up to 7 days; AlertPay: 4 to 72 hours; 2CO: 12 to 72 hours.
• Scripts update: With every php or cgi script purchase, you are entitled to receive lifetime FREE update/upgrade for the script you purchased.
• We do not offer free support for scripts, except if you bought installation and part of script that installation covers do not work. We do offer paid support charged per hour.
• We are not responsible for any kind of your hosting account/server incompatibility or restrictive settings that might prevent script from working correct.
• All purchases indicates your acceptance of Terms Of Use. All prices are in United States Dollars (USD). Due to digital nature of scripts, all payments are non refundable!
Order Options And Prices
Pixel Area Ads 1 script
  • one domain license
Price: $28     Buy Via AlertPay!    Buy With 2CheckOut!    2Checkout Accepts Paypal!
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Pixel Area Ads 1 script
  • resell rights license
Price: $150 Want to purchase script with resell rights? Contact us Here!
Pixel Area Ads 1 script
  • master resell rights license
Price: $240 Want to purchase script with master resell rights? Contact us Here!
Pixel Area Ads 1 script
  • open code (non encrypted) license
Price: $300 Want to purchase open code (non encrypted) script? Contact us Here!
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