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 • Expired Traffic Reseller 1 Php Script - run your own traffic reseller web site!

Expired Traffic Reseller 1 Php Script - run your own traffic reseller web site!
• One Domain License: $21
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• Two Domains License: $38
• Three Domains License: $54
• Resell Rights License: $110
• Master Resell License: $190
• Open Code License: $260
Short Script Description
• You can use this script for creating your own traffic reseller site service and resell traffic from your domains to your customers, or you can redirect traffic to your domains and this way you can boost you traffic rank and, of course, get more visitors. So the script has a two fold application: for traffic reseller service site and for redirecting traffic for your own web sites. With expired traffic redirector php script you can earn serious money by becoming a traffic reseller! Expired traffic script has an integrated membership area where members can add sites they need traffic for and where they can track statistics of received hits. This script is very rare!
Demo Script And Script Info
• Demo Script - Links Opens In New Window!
   *MEMBER - login: test@testsite.net , pass: test11
• Requirements:
   *PHP 4+, MySQL 3+, Zlib module, cURL module
• Script Is Tested And Works With:
   *Linux/Apache servers; PHP 4 environment; Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 9+, Safari 3+ and Firefox 1.5.0.+ browsers
• Important!
   *Some buttons are disabled in demo to avoid script abuse. Screenshots may be slightly different from the current script version.
Script Screenshots - Click Thumbnails For Big Picture
Home Page
expired traffic reseller 1 php script
Member Area Home
expired traffic reseller 1 php script
Admin Area Home
expired traffic reseller 1 php script
Script Features
• How does it work? Lets say you have 15 domains that are hosted but you are not doing anything with them. These domains get traffic or you have purchased newly expired domains that get traffic. You then put a small part of script code on each of those domains that you do not use but need traffic from them. Now people go to your site and join the traffic redirector script, they purchase some impressions using any system you want to use for payments. You approve their url to be placed in the rotation and give them credits. In the meantime visitors visits your expired or similar domains you do not use and get forwarded to that clients site and the script deducts a impression credit.
• We suggest that if you want to start a new business, then this is certainly a good one. Purchase few expired domains and start offering categorized traffic to your customers, more domains the better and faster members use credits and earn traffic. If you already own a bunch of domains that get some traffic then just purchase the script and you are ready to make money right now. All webmasters want traffic. Getting traffic is very hard to do. Your members do not get traffic from popups, exit exchanges or spam. They will get traffic forwarded to their sites from all of the domains you have. This is traffic from real people who visits all this domains.
• REMEMBER: This is traffic from Real People!!! Traffic redirector script is ideal solution for adult traffic redirection also!
• Sell traffic to people and earn $$$ - What is an expired domain? Simply a domain where the previous owner fails to pay for the yearly registration fee for it. In turn, they forfeit their domain, and it is then returned to the pool of unregistered and available domains Every day, millions of hits are lost because website owners forget or dont want to renew their domains. Either they lose interest, don't have the time, money or effort to manage their sites, or they simply forget their domain will expire. Although, lot of these expired domains were never developed, a fair number were once active and receiving traffic.
• Main Member Features   • Main Admin Features  
 • Unlimited number of categories
 • Member register
 • Member login
 • Member forgot password retrieval
 • Member gets lost password email
 • Member can add url
• Member can change personal details
• Member signup with email and pass
• All url's submitted go into pending
• Member area header and footer
• Contact us page
• Traffic statistics for last month
 • Unlimited number of categories
 • Admin can view all members
 • All url's need admin approval
 • Admin can delete members
 • Admin can add url's
 • Admin views of all url's
• Admin can suspend url
• Admin script settings feature
• Admin area header and footer
• Statuses: pending, approved, suspended, disabled
• Traffic statistics for last month
• Simple install Php + MySQL
Important - Please Read This Before Ordering!
• Single license php script requires unlock key to be permanently usable. Cgi script do not require unlock key. Single license php or cgi script can be installed on one domain!
• All protected scripts have one part of admin area encrypted for fraud protection and unathorized reselling purposes.
• After the purchase, you will be redirected to the form where you Have To enter the domain name where the script will be installed, please prepare domain name.
• All php scripts are available for immidiate download, all other items and unlock key: within 24 hours from the unlock request or payment verification time.
• Payment verification time: PayPal: 4 to 72 hours; PayPal eCheck: up to 7 days; AlertPay: 4 to 72 hours; 2CO: 12 to 72 hours.
• Scripts update: With every php or cgi script purchase, you are entitled to receive lifetime FREE update/upgrade for the script you purchased.
• We do not offer free support for scripts, except if you bought installation and part of script that installation covers do not work. We do offer paid support charged per hour.
• We are not responsible for any kind of your hosting account/server incompatibility or restrictive settings that might prevent script from working correct.
• All purchases indicates your acceptance of Terms Of Use. All prices are in United States Dollars (USD). Due to digital nature of scripts, all payments are non refundable!
Order Options And Prices
Expired Traffic Reseller 1 script
  • one domain license
Price: $21     Buy Via AlertPay!    Buy With 2CheckOut!    2Checkout Accepts Paypal!
  • Need installation service for this script? Click Here to go to our services page and order Standard ($25) script installation service.
  • Want to purchase multiple domain licenses at the same time? Fair discounts for purchasing 2 licenses (10%), 3 licenses (15%) etc... Contact us Here!
Expired Traffic Reseller 1 script
  • resell rights license
Price: $110 Want to purchase script with resell rights? Contact us Here!
Expired Traffic Reseller 1 script
  • master resell rights license
Price: $190 Want to purchase script with master resell rights? Contact us Here!
Expired Traffic Reseller 1 script
  • open code (non encrypted) license
Price: $260 Want to purchase open code (non encrypted) script? Contact us Here!
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