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 • Cloak 1 - Search Engine Cloaker Cgi Script - this script will increase the traffic of your website - easy to use search engine cloaker!

Cloak 1  - Search Engine Cloaker Cgi Script - this script will increase the traffic of your website - easy to use search engine cloaker!
• One Domain License: $24
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• Two Domains License: $43
• Three Domains License: $61
• Resell Rights License: $140
• Master Resell License: $230
• Open Code License: $280
Short Script Description
• Cloak 1 cgi script outwits the search engines to increase your listings, and in this manner increases your traffic! As you probably know, search engines get their listings by sending out automated "spiders". These spiders go to each site, follow every link, and index what they find in the engine's results. Unfortunately, if your site doesn't meet their criteria, you will get poorly ranked. This is where cloaking comes in. Our search engine cloaker can help you to get more traffic. Check the full description of our search engine cloaker script.
Demo Script And Script Info
• Demo Script - Links Opens In New Window!
   *ADMIN - pass: admin
• Requirements:
• Script Is Tested And Works With:
   *Linux/Apache servers; CGI environment; Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 9+, Safari 3+ and Firefox 1.0.0.+ browsers
• Important!
   *Some buttons are disabled in demo to avoid script abuse. Screenshots may be slightly different from the current script version.
Script Screenshots - Click Thumbnails For Big Picture
Main Settings Area
cloak 1 - search engine cloaker cgi script
Cloaked Map
cloak 1 - search engine cloaker cgi script
cloak 1 - search engine cloaker cgi script
Script Features
• Search engine cloaker automatically generates thousands of pages Just for the spiders. These pages are dynamically built from keyword lists.
• The result? More listings in the search engines! Which means more traffic. And, if you've been in the web marketing business for a while, you know that search engine traffic is one of the highest rated traffic around, in terms of quality.
• Cloaker 1 is a search engine cloak CGI script that will increase the traffic of your website. The search engines will take your cloaked page and store it on their files. Script automatically generates thousands of pages for the spiders. Real users are invisibly forwarded to any page on your website. Script is highly customizable and simple to use.
• To make the search engine cloaker more universal, we have added an option to let you make your cloaked pages look like a part of your website. You can design your own html templates for cloaked pages using any simple HTML editor.
• Very easy installation, user manual included (can be seen in demo script), and no need for MySQL database at all!
Important - Please Read This Before Ordering!
• Single license php script requires unlock key to be permanently usable. Cgi script do not require unlock key. Single license php or cgi script can be installed on one domain!
• All protected scripts have one part of admin area encrypted for fraud protection and unathorized reselling purposes.
• After the purchase, you will be redirected to the form where you Have To enter the domain name where the script will be installed, please prepare domain name.
• All php scripts are available for immidiate download, all other items and unlock key: within 24 hours from the unlock request or payment verification time.
• Payment verification time: PayPal: 4 to 72 hours; PayPal eCheck: up to 7 days; AlertPay: 4 to 72 hours; 2CO: 12 to 72 hours.
• Scripts update: With every php or cgi script purchase, you are entitled to receive lifetime FREE update/upgrade for the script you purchased.
• We do not offer free support for scripts, except if you bought installation and part of script that installation covers do not work. We do offer paid support charged per hour.
• We are not responsible for any kind of your hosting account/server incompatibility or restrictive settings that might prevent script from working correct.
• All purchases indicates your acceptance of Terms Of Use. All prices are in United States Dollars (USD). Due to digital nature of scripts, all payments are non refundable!
Order Options And Prices
Cloak 1 script
  • one domain license
Price: $24
    2Checkout Accepts Paypal!
  • Need installation service for this script? Click Here to go to our services page and order Standard ($25) script installation service.
  • Want to purchase multiple domain licenses at the same time? Fair discounts for purchasing 2 licenses (10%), 3 licenses (15%) etc... Contact us Here!
Cloak 1 script
  • resell rights license
Price: $140 Want to purchase script with resell rights? Contact us Here!
Cloak 1 script
  • master resell rights license
Price: $230 Want to purchase script with master resell rights? Contact us Here!
Cloak 1 script
  • open code (non encrypted) license
Price: $280 Want to purchase open code (non encrypted) script? Contact us Here!
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