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Purchase - Payment  
  Q: How can I pay for script or service at E-Topbiz.Com?
A: We currently accept payments via 2CheckOut, PayPal and AlertPay.
  Q: Do you offer money back guarantee?
A: Due to digital nature of products we sell, we do not offer money back. However, you can get refund if script you purchased really do not work.
Delivery - Download  
  Q: When will I receive purchased php script?
A: Purchased php script delivery is automatic. Script you purchased will be available for download immidiatelly after the purchase.
  Q: When will I receive purchased cgi script?
A: Cgi script you purchased will be available for download within 24 hours from the payment verification time (note that this is not time of purchase).
  Q: How long will my download link remain active?
A: All download links are active for 100 hours from the time of your first access to download link.
  Q: When will I receive purchased service?
A: We will start with delivery within 24 hours from the payment verification time (note that this is not time of purchase).
Scripts Troubleshoot  
  Q: I installed the script but it does not work correct at all!?
A: Before you try to do anything else, erase script you tried to install from your server, and try to do new clean install. This helps in almost 50% of problems!
  Q: During or after installation I got this error: "Session save path Not set, Unwriteable etc..."
A: This a problem with your server, server where you host your domain. Please contact your hosting provider to resolve the issue!
  Q: During or after installation, clicking on any link in script do not work!?
A: This a problem with your server settings, server where you host your domain. Usually, enabling register_globals resolves the problem. Please contact your hosting      provider to find out how to do that!
  Q: I installed the script but I receiving follwing error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_init() in /home/www/yourwebsitename/html/sut/admin.php(42) : eval()'d      code(1) : eval()'d code(1) : eval()'d code(1) : eval()......?
A: Most possible reason is that your server do not have cURL module installed or your hosting provider installed cURL module but did not compiled php with it. Note      that this is not a script error. You can resolve this problem by contacting your hosting provider.
Script Unlock Key  
  Q: When will I receive script unlock key?
A: You can't receive unlock key before you execute fully installed script. Unlock key delivery time is within 24 hours from the time you trigg unlock key request.
  Q: What if I want to change domain where script is/will be installed?
A: You can change domain where script will be installed once in every 30 days for free. Contact us with new domain name and payment receipt copy. Changing      domain where script will be installed more than once in 30 days requires from you to pay additional $10 fee for each change request.
Script Unlock Key Request - Main Steps And Informations  
  Q: Cases like: "I did not received unlock key" or "When will I receive unlock key?" or "Can you send me unlock key?" or "How to request unlock key?".
A: For correct unlock key request procedure, please open install.txt file that is included with every php script zip archive. Everything is explained there, but just in case     you missed something, here are the main steps you need to take to receive unlock key:
     1) Please locate file which need to be edited prior to requesting unlock key, name of the file you can find in installation instructions!
     2) You have to enter your email in this file. If you fail to do that and leave it on default "youremail@goeshere.biz" you will NOT receive unlock key.
     3) Once you entered correct email address you need to install script, follow instructions in install.txt file (usual php/mysql scripts installation procedure).
     4) After successfull installation, you have to execute file where you entered your email address and where you will enter unlock key.
     5) The easiest way to execute that file is to browse thru links in script's admin area, or simply use script as always, and you will execute it soon.
     6) Once you will see screen that begins with "E-Topbiz.com Scripts Licensing System" instead of your script - you just requested unlock key!
     7) If you did not saw "E-Topbiz.com Scripts Licensing System" screen so far, you did not requested unlock key, but this is nothing to be worried about!
     8) If you did not requested unlock key by executing file where it will be entered, then unlock key can not be generated and delivered!
     9) To check how unock key request screen looks like, CLICK HERE (link opens in new window).
     10) Unlock key request procedure is automated and depends on three things:
           a) entering correct domain name where script wil be installed in form after the purchase
           b) entering correct email address where you want to receive unlock key in file that is mentioned in script installation instructions
           c) executing correct file in admin area of the script to initiate unlock key request
       !!! Since unlock  key generation is automated, we can not send you unlock key if you did not initiated request, or if you entered incorrect email address.
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