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Php is a programming language which is now used extensively for writing WWW server side scripts, that is, it is a server side scripting language (although, Php can be used like a standalone programming language, just like C, Java and Perl). Basically Php allows the users to take comfort of the numerous useful packages that can be created and executed easily without much hassle.
  The Php programs are interpreted, which means that the source code is inspected every time the program is executed and converted into some sort of internal format hazily suggestive or bearing a resemblance of Java byte codes. Normally the Php interpreter runs on an Apache WWW server but it can be used standalone as well.  
  Php is without a doubt the foremost prevailing web server side scripting language used today. According to a survey, almost 18.5 million web sites are running on Php, which is higher than the number of web sites running on IIS server of Microsoft.  
  Php is a motivating programming language. It attracts most of the programmers towards its simplicity and ease of use. It has a syntax family similar to that of C. Thus, if you know C already, you'll find Php very, very easy to start with. Php as a programming language is quite simple and fairly lenient about most of the things, and particularly it also endows enough good support for object orientation. This facility of object orientation, however, can be used at will by the user. If he wants to go for simple applications then this facility may be ignored. There are quite good debugging features built in to the interpreter.  
  Like other user oriented languages, Php is comfortable about data types and normally treats every thing as a string. It determines how to evaluate expressions from context. This often leads to anomalies. Like for example if 101 and 11 are being compared, then the result depends upon whether the comparison is a string comparison or a numeric comparison. Php language has arrays and functions are much more influential than C or Java arrays. A Php array can be indexed by strings and arrays spring into reality on first reference without any need for open statement.  
  When ever Php files need to be sent to the user side to activate the Php code, an Apache server is always configured to recognize php files with names that end with .php . In such Php files, a Php analysis is applied to the code which is contained within the markers <? and ?>. This is misleading at times because this syntax choice is the same as that of XML. XML also uses the same markers.  
  When a Php variable comes into its being, it normally has one of two values. It will have a null or a zero value unless it has been defined by the programmer. The variables which are defined by the environment in some particular cases actually represent data items whose value can be changed by the host server directly or from the "dynamic" part of the requested URL.  
  Here is a quick thought on arrays in Php: Arrays with conventional numeric indices are possible in Php. One can even mix the indexing types in the same array. Php arrays match closely to Perl "hashes".  
  It is always important to know all the aspects of language. Every language has some ifs and buts attached to it. Same way, Php also has some bad scores that I would like to give a heeding to in this article.  
  Php programming is devoid of certain thing amongst which is the use of a GUI, or graphical user interface for windows. Further, Php gives very little support to Unicode and internationalization fundamentals.  
  Although this could be developed in the coming years which will help make Php a universal language. One main aspect that stops Php from achieving the crown of the programming languages is that the performance of Php is better than JAVA but becomes slower in its native mode. This further hinders the success of Php as a programming language.  
  Written by Goran Kusnjer,
E-Topbiz.com owner 
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