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Php Introduction
- This language has attained a very strong position and has made its presence felt on the Web in the last few years. And the most remarkable thing is that, the popularity of php as a server-side language used for scripting is ever increasing! Php is used to provide a bridge which is dynamic in nature between the users...
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Php Basic Thoughts
- Php is a programming language which is now used extensively for writing WWW server side scripts, that is, it is a server side scripting language. Although, php can stand alone as a programming language on its own just like the other programming languages C, Java and Perl. Basically php allows the users...
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What Is Php?
- To describe php in the easiest way is in reference with HTML. Basically php can be seen as the HTML - embedded scripting language. Much of its language rules and structure is borrowed from other well established languages like C, Java and Perl. Although, there are a team of exclusive php-specific features created and added into the language. The objective of the language is to permit web developer...
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Using Php Safely
- Safe Mode is the most effective method to reduce the threat is to make a restricted environment for php; hereby curtailing the number of external threats on php based script. This method is called Safe Mode. A particular command safe_mode in php.ini turns the safe mode on. Also a directory can be included so as to restrict php from uploading all the scripts...
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Safe Configuration Settings For Php
- Every time a php processor is called for, the configuration file pho.ini is read and processed. This contains all the settings for the system. The file may be read a number of times or as many times as the script get executed. If the php server is installed on the web server then, the php file is read just once, otherwise it is read every time when the interpreter is asked to perform...
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Introduction To Cgi
- Ever thought of how to increase the activity of your website without coding? Well cgi is here for your help. Cgi or Common Gateway Interface is a very powerful protocol that opens up the prospect of increasing the functionality of your website without the aid of programming! Prior to beginning...
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- To make your website more activity oriented, you need the installation and the knowledge of cgi programming. But along with cgi, you need to know HTML and HTTP fundamentals also. The reason behind this is that all these three work in close proximity to make your online application work...
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HTTP With Cgi
- The importance of HTML, HTTP, and cgi together in the creation of a web page, here in this article we discuss the role of HTTP. We all know from the previous article that it the work of HTML to collect data from the client side and send this data to the host side or to the cgi program. But the question and the...
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Introduction to MySQL
- Are you one of those suffering from database syndrome, in which it becomes almost impossible to handle a large chunk of data at any time? Thinking about commercial software at this point? But the hefty prices of any Microsoft or Oracle stable database software's are pushing you down. Then the best option for you is MySQL. Some time back, it was not given its due importance, but lately due to...
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MySQL And Databases
- The use of text files to collect and store data or information is not always the best method to follow. In most cases and instances, it is much easier and more efficient to use databases to handle large information. It is always easier to get data from tabular form than mining and searching the data from text files...
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The Need Of MYSQL
- As the information on the internet is increasing day by day, so are the data bases. This is also the case with individuals managing their own business. They have to deal with huge chunks of disordered information which leads to inefficiency and inconsistency in the work. This problem is solved by MySQL. Many users have experienced the problem of hierarchical data in a SQL database and have learned...
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